MOLLI - Narrow Gauge Railway at the Baltic Sea

MOLLI Narrow Gauge Railway

Nostalgia on rails: The local railway, affectionately named Molli, will take you over a distance of 15.4 km from Bad Doberan via Heiligendamm to Kühlungsborn. The journey lasts 40 minutes. It is the only train with a track gauge of 900 mm operated in Germany. Boarding the Molli you will be taken back to the time when your grandparents traveled that route.

Molli - a Narrow Gauge Railway - its History and Technical Details

Narrow Gauge Railway Bad Doberan
  • June, the 19th 1886 Grand Duke Friedrich Franz III authorized the construction of the narrow-gauge railway
  • 1886 train was built by the Stettin railway construction and operating company Lenz & Co in a record time of just 6 weeks
  • early as July, the 9th 1886 the first spa visitors were able to use the train from Doberan to the seaside resort of Heiligendamm, approximately 6.61 km
  • a tram locomotive pulled three coaches and a baggage wagon
  • from 1887 on additional locomotives and 5 coaches were available
  • March, the 1st 1890 the entire railway was nationalized
  • May, the 12th 1890 the railway line was extended by 8.79 km to 15.4 km reaching Arendsee, the today Kühlungsborn West
  • after the train was operated only in the bathing season, from May to late September, it then carried passengers all year round
  • with the extension of the railway line even more technology as additional locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons and a mail-baggage wagon could be used
  • three locomotives, built in 1932, still bear the brunt of the transportation
  • April, the 1st 1920 the narrow-gauge railway was incorporated into the Deutsche Reichsbahn
  • May, the 31st 1969 rail cargo was ceased
  • since 1976 the narrow-gauge railway "Molli" has been registered as a technical monument of transport and manufacturing history
  • October, the 1st 1995 the privatization, the county of Bad Doberan, the city of Bad Doberan and the seaside resort Kühlungsborn became the partners
  • nowadays ten trains in summer and five trains in winter "steam along" in each direction
  • four steam locomotives of the series 99 and 37 passenger coaches are still operating

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