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reetgedecktes HausTrouble finding your accommodation at the German coast of the Baltic Sea? Take advantage of our extensive collection of information.

Accommodation at the Baltic Sea

Book your apartment, holiday house or your board room directly at the host. Also, campers will find a suitable campsite.

Worth knowing

Make your holidays quite an individual experience. Recreation needs at the Baltic Sea are not limited to sunbathing, walking on the beach or collecting shells. It is also visiting festivals that elaborately carry on the traditions of the region. One of many highlights is certainly the Hanse Sail in Rostock. Or spend some time with exploring typical architecture at the Baltic Sea - the lighthouses that still serve to show ships the way. Besides, you will get to know the different coastline. And why not paying a visit to one of the many museums or churches along the Baltic coast?
Landscape protection areas extend over the whole of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In many exhibitions nature-lovers will find useful information on protected animal and plant species.

Each season holds special surprises

Harbingers of spring

Ostsee im Frühling
When nature wakes up, hopefully you can be an eye-witness to a special kind of observation - to the mating "Dance of Cranes". Though only for a short time.

Summer delights on the Baltic Sea

Sommerliche Genüsse an der Ostsee
Do you remember how fine beach sand feels under your feet?
Do you still know the atmosphere at the beach when the sun is sinking into the sea?


Autumn goings at the Baltic Sea

Herbstliches Treiben an der Ostsee
Autumn offers exciting walks in calm sea letting you admire the turning leaves as well as walks in harsh winds. Enjoy it to be "blown through" by a gust. Try your luck with spotting amber - the Baltic gold. Chances are good after a heavy storm. But nothing compares to the sight of migrating cranes and their cries above you.

Winter walk along the Baltic Sea

Ostsee im Frühling

In long-lasting frosts ice floes pile up. The waves do additionally magic with putting white bonnets over the groynes. They look as if made of icing. - It is still bathing season for those not fearing the ice-cold water.


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